Advice And Tips On Rug Decorating

Many people are always looking for ways to make their home look stylish and cozy. Many even go to the extent of hiring an interior designer. One sure way in which you can beautify your home even without the help of a designer is by the use of area rugs.

You can buy a variety of small area rugs that match smoothly to your interior décor. Home decoration does not require any extraordinary magic. No matter which part of the home you wish to decorate, you can never go wrong if you use area rugs. 

Here are some ideas to guide you through the process of decorating with rugs:

  • In The Bedroom

The bedroom is an ideal place to use rugs to create warmth and coziness. Place some part of the rug below the bed. You do not need to use a room-sized rug because the area under the bed is always dark and susceptible to moth damage. Still, you can spread out many smaller mats in the room. You can place one at the foot of the bed and two on both sides of the bed. In fact, using smaller pieces are more economical as opposed to using one large rug.

  • Open Spaces

Rugs are beautiful additions to any interior décor. Ideally, they should be placed in wide spaces where they can be displayed elegantly. Furniture should not cover them. The open areas include the front of the fireplace, sink, bookcase, and in the center of a group of furnishings. Use eye-catching rugs with appealing patterns to create a focal point in your space.

  • Entryways And Hallways

Place an area rug at the entrance to give your visitors a welcoming and warm feeling. You can also use hallway rugs to divide the space and create different focal points.

  • Outdoor Spaces

Most people do not know that indoor area rugs are different from outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs are made of specific materials and chemicals that can withstand the harsh weather outside. When choosing outdoor rugs, select light colors that will not fade easily.

  • Cleaning Rugs:

The rugs must be maintained to give you service to last for a long time. Whenever you spot a stain, you should act on it immediately. Blot it out before it becomes permanent.

The rugs should regularly be vacuumed to get rid of grit, dirt and dust particles. Occasional professional cleaning is also necessary. When you call professionals to clean your carpets, let them wash the rugs as well.

It is advisable to flip the rugs occasionally to ensure that both sides are used. It will make the wear and tear to be uniform on both sides. Rugs for high traffic area should be chosen carefully. Get ones with a tough material that will not wear quickly. A dark color is preferred because it does not show the wear and tear easily.

You will soon realize that using rugs is not a difficult task, and most people enjoy it. All you need is knowledge of the different fabrics, choose your color scheme, and you are good to go. For a beautiful home or office, add area rugs.

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